Eco fashion

The term eco fashion is an umbrella term for a number of other forms of socially and environmentally responsible fashion manufacturing and design process such as sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, or green fashion.

Eco clothing addresses the problems conventional fashion business models consistently turn a blind eye to. The responsible manufacture of eco clothes means it does not deplete resources, but sustains itself. Utilising a system that does not take more from the environment and its workers than it can give back. In eco fashion, this translates to using production processes that do not pollute and deplete non-renewable resources, including planetary and human resources.

It is one thing to consider the environmental concerns but to complete the eco fashion wishlist, fair working conditions are key to creating sustainability throughout the whole supply chain of a garment. The person that made your garment is the person who is creating the beauty that you see in it and the main reason why you purchased it. Therefore it is a small demand to expect that this person is receiving a living wage and is working in an environment that is safe and free of any personal harm and free of child labour.

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